COVID-19 Update – Court Closures

As we all figure out how to contain the spread of COVID 19, the novel coronavirus, courts and government agencies have been adjusting their policies as well. We will contact clients as they are affected, but below is general information about the courts and agencies we deal with at Walther Goss Law.

Immigration court (EOIR): All immigration courts have stopped non-detained hearings, including master calendar hearings and individual hearings, through April 10, 2020. If you have a hearing during that time, it will be canceled and reset. Only detained hearings, including for bond, will go forward through April 10, 2020.

USCIS: USCIS has suspended routine in-person services at least until April 1, 2020. This means that all pending biometrics (fingerprint) appointments, field office appointments, asylum interviews, and naturalization oath ceremonies are suspended (canceled) during that time.

Workers’ compensation: OAH and DOLI have changed most conferences to be held by phone. Evidentiary hearings will still be held in-person, following CDC precautions.

MN District Courts: There is more variability currently for district courts depending on the type of hearing or case and its priority. Please contact your attorney for more details on what will happen with any pending hearings or proceedings in MN district courts.

MN Federal Courts: All of Minnesota’s federal courthouses have suspended criminal and civil jury trials through April 27, 2020.

As always, contact your attorney if you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming hearing.

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