Know Your Rights as an Immigrant – Prepare Yourself

Gather Documents

Gather copies of important documents in a safe place. These may include passports and IDs for all family members, birth certificates of US citizen children, marriage certificates, and proof of your time living in the United States.

Develop a Family Plan

Discuss a plan with your friends and family of what to do in case you are detained. Write down important information about your children (their schools, doctors, allergies or illnesses, medication, etc.). Ensure your children know who to contact in case you are detained.

Designate a Power of Attorney

Designate a person to be in charge of your property and accounts if you are detained. Be sure this is a well-known person that you fully trust. You can give this person the power to sell your property (car, house) and manage the money in your bank account if it becomes necessary. You can also give someone the power to enroll your children in school and make medical decisions for them.

Contact an attorney at Walther Goss Law for more detailed information based on your particular situation.

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