What Is Robustness In Java

Java has a powerful memory management system and an automatic garbage collection system. Unlike other programming languages, it offers a robust exception-handling and type-checking mechanism. Java technology is designed to operate in distributed environments, which means that
what is robustness in java
security is of paramount importance. With security features designed into the language and run-time system, Java technology lets you construct applications that can’t be invaded from outside. In the network environment, applications written in the Java programming language are secure from intrusion by unauthorized code attempting to get behind the scenes and create viruses or invade file systems. The Java programming language is designed to be

Exception Handling in Java

object oriented from the ground up.

  • Its efficiency, scalability, and portability have made it a favorite for large-scale enterprise systems.
  • It also supports functions from its native languages, i.e., C and C++.
  • Specific implementations of the Java virtual machine for specific hardware and software platforms then provide the concrete realization of the virtual machine.
  • One of the most important features of Java’s robustness is its garbage collection system.
  • If
    the error is detected by the program or by the networking software, then the
    only thing that has happened is a failed network data transmission.

In other
languages, it is the programmer’s responsibility to return unused memory to the
system. If the programmer fails to do this, unused memory can build up, leaving
less memory for programs and data. There is a story that many common programs

Java is robust and secure

for older Windows computers had so many memory leaks that the computer would run out
of memory after a few days of use and would have to be restarted. Another type of error that cannot occur in Java is a memory leak. One of the main reasons why Java is such a secure programming language is its built-in security features.
-1 for wheel and null for color in the Java example above. To give some motivation for why you might not want to make that assumption, imagine that the loop is scanning a string, doing some text processing. Now the first loop has a bug because if the last character of the text is backslash, the loop body will increment i and the loop will continue on beyond the end of the sequence.
When the project started, C++ was the language of choice. But over time the difficulties encountered with C++ grew to the point where the problems could best be addressed by creating an entirely new language platform. Design and what is robustness architecture decisions drew from a variety of languages such as Eiffel, SmallTalk, Objective C, and Cedar/Mesa. Robustness is a measure of how well a software system can cope with invalid inputs or unexpected user interactions.
Language features guide programmers towards reliable programming habits. Operating on multiple platforms in heterogeneous networks invalidates the traditional schemes of binary distribution, release, upgrade, patch, and so on. To survive in this jungle, the Java programming language must be
architecture neutral,

portable, and

dynamically adaptable. The massive growth of the Internet and the World-Wide Web leads us to a completely new way of looking at development and distribution of software.
This makes it much easier for developers to diagnose and fix errors in their code. Now there
what is robustness in java
is a better way — the

programming language platform
from Sun Microsystems. Make use of Custom Exceptions — Error code is used for creating custom exceptions and the error codes would be handled by a caller program. It is always better to create a utility method for processing different error codes and thereby use it.
Object technology has finally found its way into the programming mainstream after a gestation period of thirty years. The needs of distributed, client-server based systems coincide with the encapsulated, message-passing paradigms of object-based software. To function within increasingly complex, network-based environments, programming systems must adopt object-oriented concepts. Java technology provides a clean and efficient object-based development platform. The architecture-neutral and portable language platform of Java technology is known as the
Java virtual machine. It’s the specification of an abstract machine for which Java programming language compilers can generate code.
Strong programming handles unforeseen terminations and actions. It requires code to precisely communicate errors to gracefully handle these exclusions and actions. By using these error messages, the user can more easily troubleshoot the program. Java is a programming language and it is called by different names for its work. These names are called robust programming, object-oriented programming, secure programming languages, etc. But here we discuss Java as a robust programming language.
Java is robust because it utilizes strong memory management. There is an absence of pointers that bypasses security dilemmas. However, given the great deal of work required to optimize garbage collection, just-in-time compilation and memory management, Java applications approach near-native performance. Having the Java programming language retain many of the object-oriented features and the “look and feel” of C++ means that programmers can migrate easily to the Java platform and be productive quickly. Now, by break I mean either getting the system into an unstable state, or causing an UNHANDLED exception.
what is robustness in java
Some software has to be highly crash-resistant like pacemakers. Ever seen someone add a column to a database that was a Boolean and initialize the current data to NULL initially? Logging Exceptions — Helps the caller know why the exception had occurred. It is always desirable to avoid an empty catch block that is not able to manage the exception and does not provide any meaningful details of the exception for debugging. With Android controlling a substantial 71% of the mobile operating system market, Java developers will be pivotal in meeting the escalating demand for native Android apps. Java programs run inside a JVM sandbox, unable to access resources outside of it.

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