Know Your Rights as an Immigrant – Your Rights at Home

You do not have to open the door to immigration or to police unless they have a signed arrest or search warrant. Ask to see any warrant under the door or through a window by your door. Do not open your door to see the warrant.

If you open the door, officials will assume you are giving them permission to enter. Once inside, ICE may ask for documents and ID of all persons inside.

A warrant is a document signed by a judge that authorizes officials to enter your house. An arrest warrant must have name of the person on it. That person must be present at the home for officials to enter. If the person on the arrest warrant is present, have them talk to police outside of the home to protect anyone inside.

A search warrant must specify the address to be searched, what officials are looking for, and the places, in detail, where they will search. If agents enter your home without a warrant, ask for their names and badge numbers. Advise them you do not consent to a search.

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